Active nature management on land under economic use

A majority of the Finnish land area is privately owned, and under economically viable agricultural and silvicultural use. Active and premeditated habitat management on this land complements the traditional passive put-aside preservation of nature in State parks and conservation areas. This combination of active management and passive preservation guarantees the modern-day conservation of Finnish biodiversity in the best possible way.

The Nature and Game Management Trust Finland was founded in 2006 to promote the systematic management activities of private hunters, farmers and landowners for increasing game populations and biodiversity via habitat management. We cooperate with various stakeholders responsible of utilisation of renewable natural resources, and we also provide education on game habitat management. By using our effective contacts to decision makers at the highest level we aim to have a long term positive impact on nature in Finland.

The Nature and Game Management Trust Finland relies on private fundraising, and for specific purposes it has also received public funding.

Some of our projects