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Wildlife Estates label is a network of exemplary estates that voluntarily agreed to adhere to the philosophy of wildlife management and sustainable land use.

Rural estates are crucial in supporting rural economies, which in turn play a significant role in overcoming the world’s food, energy and environmental challenges. Therefore, even if financial support to the rural sector is retreating, complementary private initiatives and private financing instruments of rural development are called for in order to enhance sustainable rural development.

As environmental degradation accelerates, the role of private land managers becomes increasingly important in preserving nature and landscapes through good management practices. This is why the WE Label has sought to facilitate collaboration between private and public actors. It has done so, in order to illustrate that the work undertaken by landowners is very much in line with the fundamental philosophy of biodiversity conservation.


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The list of currently labelled estates in Finland:

Porkkala Manor,  Hämeenlinna

The Finnish Wildlife Agency, HCO Laitiala, Hollola

Metsähallitus, Palosaari, Pyhäjoki

Kullo Gård, Porvoo

Kiiala Manor, Porvoo

  Wanantaka, Janakkala

Kauhajoen Metsästysseura

Malmgård Sjundeå Siuntiossa

Åminne Gods,  Salo

Alhainen Farm, Hämeenlinna

Hahkiala Manor, Hämeenlinna